Thursday, 8 October 2009

Light through city

We cannot appreciate the City of Portsmouth, and in particular this route, at its true value without considering the aspects related to light!

The streets are also divided by the light.

Many buildings are advantaged by the light and the way beams reflect.

Then, walking along the park we can see lighted and dark sides making a wonderful puzzle.

The gate of the Ravelin Park creates a fine shadow which reminds us about the coolness of the forests.


  1. Light can modify our perception about Portsmouth. Being a costal city, it often has a beautiful weather and the sun playes an important role in its life. We cannot imagine the city of Portsmouth without light and shadows. And this route emphasises this particular aspect.

  2. the light really gives the perspective of the city, such as in the more darker areas you would know that you are in the city with the buildings causing shadows which would make you feel 'small' and clostraphobic', therefor the light in open space is brighter which in a way makes you feel 'free'

  3. I think its important not to forget that the city has different lights and shadows even though its not sunny!