Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sounds and Smells

The sounds and smells on the route are very different.It depends on the area.

For example Ravelin Park was a quiet place with very natural smells.There were just people chating,birds singing...completely harmonic.

As we got out of the park,it got noisy because of the traffic and the air smelled as car fumes.Workers and people were making noise everywhere.It shows that this area is active and populated.This continues on the narrow streets.

A bit later,we reached the wide,green space where we found the Garrison Church.This area was very quiet and relaxing.There were some kids playing soccer and shouting on the field.The whole place was quite misterious.Silence combined with shouts,wispers,chats,wind blowing through the leaves.

At the seafront,we could hear a helicopter flying by and the boat engines.You could hear the waves splashing through the rocks and the wind brought the smell of sea towards the land.there was a complete harmony.

When we reached the arcades,we could suddenly hear slot machines and loud commercial music,which sounded quite superficial.The smell of food reached us and we could hear people chating while eating.

So we experienced a wide variety of sounds and smells as we walked by.

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